Easter Bush

About the parking permits staff and students can apply for to park at Easter Bush.

Car parking is available across the campus for staff, students, visitors and clients. Car parking is carefully managed to ensure the campus is accessible and safe.

A parking management strategy has been prepared to ensure that those with the greatest need to travel to the campus by car are able to park.

Parking by permit only

In order to park in the campus car parks a valid permit must be held. Permits are free, but you must still apply for one. Permit holders are able to park in any of the car parks, with the exception of dedicated visitor / client only parking areas.

Apply for a parking permit.

The University of Edinburgh parking regulations apply at the campus. The regulations are enforced between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. You do not need a permit to park at the campus between 5pm and 9am or at the weekends.