About Us

The Transport and Parking Office is responsible for minimising the transport impact of the University's activities.

With around 16,000 staff and 49,000 students working and studying across five campuses in the Edinburgh area, the ability to easily travel to and between sites is critical to the operation of the University.

The geographical spread of the University estate also means that our staff, students and visitors place a significant demand on the city’s transport infrastructure, contributing to traffic congestion, pollution, and carbon emissions.

As part of its commitment to sustainability, the University seeks to work in partnership with others, including the City Council, transport operators and the Scottish Government, to reduce its overall impact caused by commuter travel.

The University has adopted an Integrated Transport Plan to guide this work.

What we do

The Transport and Parking Office is responsible for developing, implementing and managing initiatives to support the objectives of the University’s Integrated Travel plan. Specifically we:

  • Develop and implement Travel Plans for specific University sites to support and enable staff, students and visitors to travel by sustainable modes of transport (walking, cycling, public transport) and reduce dependency on the private car.
  • Implement, manage, and promote a range of measures to support walking, cycling, public transport, and car sharing.
  • Manage the access and safety of over 30 University car parks, including the fair and equitable allocation of parking permits to staff and students.
  • Coordinate the University’s fleet of vehicles, including the pool cars, and acting as the main point of contact for all vehicle management issues.

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