Bike security marking

The University and Police Scotland are working together to promote bike security.

We offer free bike marking with BikeRegister as a measure to improve cycle security. When a bike is marked and registered, it is given a unique identifier which is linked to its owner in an online database. This helps deter thefts, as your bike will be a less attractive target because it is for harder for the thief to sell on. It also makes reuniting bikes with their rightful owners easier if a stolen bike is recovered by the police following a theft.

Any bike can be registered with BikeRegister for free, but marking it with a unique identifier usually costs money. The University of Edinburgh offers this service to students and staff free-of-charge.

Getting your bike marked and registered

We usually offer free bike marking and registration at all Doctor Bike events - however this cannot be guaranteed as it depends on staff availability. For a full list of Doctor Bike events see this page:

Doctor Bike schedule

You can also collect a free bike marking kit from the Transport & Parking Office at 9-11 Infirmary Street, and apply it to your bike yourself.

As well as Doctor Bike events, Universaity Security sometimes plan bike security events on an ad hoc basis, depending their staff availability. To find out when the next bike security and Doctor Bike events will be, follow us on Twitter or sign up to one of our Bicycle User Groups.

Further information: