Allocation of permits

How permits are allocated to staff and students.

Needs based application process

Demand for parking at some University sites is such that the University has implemented a “needs-based” application process for allocating parking permits to staff and students. The application process is designed to identify the staff and students with the greatest need to park to ensure they are allocated with a permit.


Applicants are required to answer a series of questions to ascertain their need for a permit. The agreed criteria contain six principles. They are:

1. Mobility

2. Essential business use / Unsocial hours

3. Equality and diversity

4. Lack of suitable alternatives to the car

5. Distance travelled from home to work / study

6. Membership of Tripshare

Allocation of points

Points are allocated according to the answer provided. Based on the capacity of the car parks and the number of applicants, a points threshold is determined. Applicants with points at or above the threshold will be offered an "Essential User" Permit. Applicants wishing to park with points below the threshold may purchase up to a maximum of 20 virtual parking vouchers within any year. These are permits that allow one day of parking and may be used in any City Area car park.

At present the criteria based questions are included in the application procedures for Staff and Student City, King's Buildings, Easter Bush and BioQuarter Permits.