What should I do with my bike over summer?

With the end of the semester approaching, you might be leaving the city soon - whether that's just for the summer break, for a year abroad, or because you've finished your course. If you own a bicycle, you may be wondering what to do with it.

Whilst the University does have a number of bike stores at our campuses and accommodation sites, these are not to be used for long-term storage and we request that you do not leave bikes in them over the summer.

These stores are intended for commuters, and are regularly full; leaving bikes in them makes it harder for members of the University who are here over summer (e.g., staff and postgraduate students) to find space to park their bike. Indeed, abandoned bikes are a significant problem at the University and Estates deal with around a hundred of them each year.

Furthermore, we cannot guarantee the stores' security, and you may find that your bike is not where you left it when you return!

Instead of abandoning your bike or leaving it in a University bike store, there are a number of other options you could pursue:

Donating your bike

There are several charitable organisations in the city that refurbish old bikes and would appreciate your donation:

Selling your bike

You can try selling your bike thorugh online marketplaces (such as Gumtree or Facebook). There are also several second-hand bikeshops in the city, some of which buy bikes. A list of these can be found on our website.

Secondhand Bike Shops

Storing your bike

If you want to keep using your bike when you return, you will need to find somewhere to store it. There are several self-storage companies in Edinburgh that you could look into using - you may need to store other personal items as well, afterall. Alternatively, why not see if a friend who is staying over summer could look after it for you?

Living in University accommodation?

If you are living in a University accommodation site, then your should look out for communication from your Wardens about your site's bike store clear out process. Bikes are removed from each site's stores at the end of the academic year, and the deadline for this will be made known to you.