Electric Vehicle Charging Points

To meet the growing demand for electric vehicles we have installed electric charging points at various locations.

We currently have chargepoints at various locations across the City Areas,  a hub of 10 at the King’s Buildings and across 3 locations at the Easter Bush Campus.  Our chargepoints are not available for University Contractor use and are prioritised for staff and student vehicle charging.

City and Easter Bush chargepoints are also available for members of public to use as well as University branded vehicles.  

Due to increasing demand from the University’s own stakeholders, we are no longer in a position to allow public use of the King's Buildings hub of chargepoints and these University owned chargepoints are strictly for use by University permit holders and our own fleet vehicles only.

The use of charge points is subject to the University’s terms and conditions and a maximum charge time of 4 hour per day.

The ChargePlace Scotland website provides information on charge points across Scotland, their availability and charging speed (Standard, Fast and Rapid). 

Introduction of Charging Tariffs and Permit costs for Zero Carbon Vehicles

From January 2024 we will be introducing charging for the use of EV charging facilities, and where possible limit their use to staff and students only. In doing so our main objective is to ensure that charging facilities are available on our campuses when staff and students need to charge as well as future proofing the availability of chargers as the number of EVs increases.

From January 2024 we will also be introducing parking charges for EVs (with the exception of Easter Bush sites) and permits will be charged at 50% of the cost of a non EV.

Charge cards for staff and students are available from the Parking Office and can be requested by emailing transport@ed.ac.uk. Once a charge card has been issued, users require to register with Chargeplace Scotland and provide a payment card which will be charged each use: Charge Place Scotland 

The rates and costs applied will be as follows:

Costs for vehicle charging (all sites):

  • University Staff and Students - £0.25 per kwh
  • Public members (restricted chargepoints only) - £0.45 per kwh
  • Exceeding 4 hour Max charging time - £30.00

Electric Parking Permit Charges:

City Area Parking Permits

£125 full annual A permit

£0.57 (full day) £0.28 (half day) B pay-as-you-go permits

King’s Buildings Parking Permits

£46.50 full annual A permit

£0.22 (full day) £0.11 (half day) B pay-as-you-go permits

BioQuarter Parking Permits

 £125 full annual A permit

£0.57 (full day) £0.28 (half day) B pay-as-you-go permits

Easter Bush Parking Permits No charge