Showers in the Central Area

The University provides shower facilities across the Central Area.

Building Room / floor number Location
Abden House, Marchhall Crescent 1.Z1, 2.Z1 Near to stairwell. Building users only
Appleton Tower, Crichton Street B.Z09A, 6.Z4, 8.Z4 Basement shower is next to accessible toilet. Showers on 6th and 8th floor are accessed from main stairwell and are next to female toilets
7 Bristo Square G.Z53A (male), G.Z54A (female) In rear of building near lecture theatres 3, 4 & 5. In toilet cubicles
Bayes Centre Basement Bristo Bike Store
15 Buccleuch Place 2.31 (staff only) In Law School Annexe Flat 2 toilet cubicle
30 Buccleuch Place B.Z4A (staff only) Near to stairwell
32 Buccleuch Place B.5 (staff only) Access to building via 33 Buccleuch Place main entrance
Business School, George Square 2.Z06, 2.Z07 Near to central stairwell. Shower sign on door
Charteris Land, Holyrood G.Z08, G.Z09 Near to main entrance and stairwell
Charles Stewart House, Chambers Street          B2.Z7 (staff only), B2.Z9 (staff only) Near to stairwell
Chrystal MacMillan Building, George Square B.Z11, B.Z12, B.Z13 Near to side entrance that leads to secure cycle store and courtyard
40 George Square 1.Z4 (female staff only) Near to central stairwell, in female toilet cubicle. Combination lock on door
40 George Square Teaching Hub LGZ10, LGZ11 Access is via a side-corridor at the foot of the stairwell in the cafe area. In toilet cubicle
Dugald Stewart Building, Charles Street G.13, G.14 Near to main entrance
ECCI, Old High School Ground floor. 2 x Male, 2 x Female, 1 x Accessible Male and female showers are located in changing rooms that are accessed through toilets. Accessible shower is in accessible toilet cubicle
Edinburgh College of Art, Hunter Building 3rd floor (R). 1 x Male, 1 x Female North end of corridor in toilet area
Edinburgh College of Art, Main Building B22.A, B22.B Near to stairwell from main entrance
Geography, Old Infirmary Building, Drummond Street 1.Z19 Lower ground level next to female toilet
George Square Lecture Theatre 3rd floor In toilet cubicle. East side of building
50 George Square 2.Z19, 3.Z21 Both showers are located close to main stairwell and are signed
Health Centre, 8 Bristo Square 4.Z419 (staff only) Near to reception desk
Hugh Robson Building, George Sqaure G, 1.Z36 (male), 1.Z37 (female) Ground floor shower is near to main entrance and reception. 1st floor showers have restricted access and are in male and female toilet cubicles
9-11 Infirmary Street G.Z13 (staff only), 1.Z9 (staff only) Ground floor shower is close to main entrance. 1st floor shower is at end of corridor from main stairwell
13 Infirmary Street 1st Floor. 3 x male (staff only), 3 x female (staff only) In male and female changing rooms in University Security Section
Informatics, 10 Crichton Street G.Z29 (staff only), 2.Z14 (staff only), 4.Z14 (staff only) Shower locations are marked on interactive electronic maps located in this building
Laurie Liddell Pavilion, Peffermill Road G.Z08, G.Z18, G.Z31, G.Z43, G.Z54, G.Z55, G.Z63, G.Z64  
Mackenzie Medical Centre, West Richmond Street 1.16B (staff only) Next to locker area
Main Library, George Square L.Z32 (male staff only), L.Z37 (female staff only), L.Z36 (disabled users only) Male and female showers are located through toilets. Accessible shower is in accessible toilet cubicle
Minto House, Chambers Street B.Z10A Near to main stairwell. Shower sign on door
New College, Mound Place G.Z30 Near to library. Access is by key upon request
Old College, South Bridge B.Z16B (staff only), 1.Z12 (male staff only), 1.Z06 (female staff only) Basement shower is in south of building. 1.Z12 is near to lift in east of building (above main entrance to courtyard). 1.Z06 is in south-east corner of building near lift
Paterson's Land, Holyrood LG (1 x Male, 2 x Female), B.Z9 (female staff only) All showers are in toilet area
Peffermill Pavilion, Peffermill Road G.06A, G.07A, G.10A, G.12A, G.14A, G.Z03  
Pleasance G.18 (staff only), 2.Z7 (staff and performers only) G.18 is in staff area of 60 Pleasance in toilet area. 2.Z7 is in backstage area of Little Theatre. Both showers require access by key
Potterrow, Bristo Square Basement toilets (staff only) One shower each in the main mens and womens toilets. Code for combination lock can be requested by EUSA staff members
1-7 Roxburgh Street B.Z11 (staff only) Sign on door
St Leonard’s Land, Holyrood Road GZ7, 2.Z49, 2.Z50, 3.6, 3.9, 4.2, 4.3, 4.Z40, 4.Z41