The University provides lockers for staff and students across our Campuses.

Bristo Bike Store Lockers

The Transport Office manages the lockers in Bristo Bike Store, located below the Bayes Institute. These are available for all students and staff to use. They are intended for cyclists, runners, and other active commuters to store spare kit on a day-to-day basis, rather than long term storage. Items are left at your own risk.

Note that to use Bristo Bike Store, you must first register with the Transport Office. Contact to request access.

Instructions for use

The lockers have coded locks that can be reprogrammed to your own PIN when you use them:

  1. Enter the default code (3333) and turn the black handle clockwise to unlock the door.
  1. Once unlocked, you can choose your own code to secure your belongings. Press and hold the small black button on the right of the handle whilst simultaneously turning the numbered dials to set your own code.
  1. To lock the door: close the door, turn the handle counter-clockwise, and scramble the numbers.
  1. Use your own code to unlock the door when needed.
  1. When you are finished using the locker, please follow the same procedure to reset the door code to 3333. This will enable others to use the locker after you. Leave the door ajar so it is clear which lockers are available.

Help and forgotten codes

For access and general enquiries during normal working hours, please contact the Transport Office on or 0131 650 9101.

For out-of-hours emergency access, please contact University Security on or 0131 650 2257.

Locker management

These lockers are managed directly by the Transport Office. We reset the codes and clear out lost property at the end of each semester – advance notice of clear-outs will be given.

Other lockers on Campus

Most other lockers around campus are managed locally by the University department that uses the building. If you are interested in using locker facilities please contact the Reception or Facilities team of the relevant building.