Central Area BUG

How you can get involved in the Central Area Bicycle User Group (Central Area BUG).

Subscribing to the Central Area BUG

The Central Area BUG operates via a mailing list which all University staff and students are welcome to join.

The mailing list is used by the Transport and Parking Office to send out relevant information on cycling to its members. Members of the mailing list are welcome to send emails to the mailing list, but this is moderated by the Transport and Parking Office.

To subscribe

Send an email to sympa@mlist.is.ed.ac.uk
Keep the subject line blank 

In the body of the message write: 


Update NAME to your first name and surname

If you normally have an automatic signature at the end of your email, please put the word QUIT just before your signature

From: Lionel.Messi@fcb.es

To: sympa@mlist.is.ed.ac.uk


SUBSCRIBE c-bug Lionel Messi


Lionel Messi

Football Club de Barcelona



To unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe via the mailing list web interface or through an email message. 

Unsubscribe from a Mailing List