Staff "Try-Before-You-Buy" eBike scheme

The University has a fleet of 8 eBikes for staff to borrow on a trial basis.

April 2024 Update

Please be aware that our Gazelle and Brompton bikes are in high demand, with a long waiting list that we are working our way through. The Tern cargo bikes have much shorter waiting lists. Please sign up below to join the waiting list for the bike you are interested in.

Staff can borrow an eBike for up to a month to try out commuting on it. The purpose of this “Try-Before-You-Buy” scheme is to help you decide if commuting by eBike is a good fit for your circumstances. Bike shops will usually let you test-ride a bike, but that doesn't help you figure out if your commute would be feasible, or if the bike would physically fit into your home. Our scheme provides staff with an easy way to work out these smaller details before committing to an eBike of their own, which can be a considerable expense.

If you decide you like the experience, you can use the Cycle to Work scheme to get your own. This provides a discount of usually at least 32%.

About our eBikes

An eBike is just like a regular bicycle, but with a small electric motor that assists you when you pedal. This means you can arrive at your destination comfortably without exertion, even after cycling up a steep hill. We have 3 different types of eBike to choose from:

Which bike is right for me?

We are happy to speak to you to offer further advice about your own situation, but here is some general guidance...

  • Bromptons fold up small and are the lightest of the bikes. They are ideal if you live in a flat, don't have a lot of storage space, or want to incorporate public transport into your commute (e.g., cycling to the train station).
  • Gazelles are the closest to a "normal" bike. The standard sized wheels and suspension will soak up road bumps, and the upright riding position and step-through frame make for a very comfy ride. You will need a bit of space at home, however.
  • Terns are for families, or people who need to carry a lot of cargo. These bikes require the most space (although they are still only slightly bigger than a normal bike). They are heavy and difficult to carry up stairs however, so should be kept in a garage or shed.

How does the scheme work?

  1. Register your interest via this form.
  2. Once your chosen bike is available, the Transport Office will contact you with further information. Depending on demand, you may be on the waiting list for a few months.
  3. To use the scheme, you will need to pay a refundable £100 deposit, and a non-refundable £25 hiring fee (this fee covers the costs of maintenance). This is done through ePay, the University's online shop.
  4. Once a bike is available and you've paid the fees, the Transport Office will arrange to meet you with the bike and provide you with an induction into its usage. You will also be asked to sign a hire agreement. The bike is then yours to use for a month - the scheme is primarily intended for commuting, but you are welcome to use the bike for leisure or business journeys too.
  5. Once the month is up, return the bike to the Transport Office and your £100 deposit will be refunded. You will be asked to complete a short feedback survey. We can also provide you with advice about the Cycle2Work scheme, should you be interested in getting your own eBike.

Register your interest

Project funding

This project was funded in part by Transport Scotland via the Energy Saving Trust's eBike Grant Fund. We are grateful for their support.