The University of Edinburgh operates a private Liftshare scheme to match individuals with others wanting to travel in the same direction so they can share the journey and the costs.


What is Liftshare?

Liftsharing is when two or more people share a car journey together. Liftsharers can pool their cars and alternate between them, or regularly use a single vehicle with everyone contributing to the costs.

Liftshare is a website created so you can actively search for other people who are making similar journeys at similar times - throughout Scotland and the UK. You can search for regular journeys or one-off trips.

Registering and using the scheme is really easy and within minutes you will be able to search for potential liftsharers.

Liftshare cost savings

Motorists who share their daily journey with just one other person are saving an average of £1,000 a year in fuel costs and wear and tear. Sign up to Liftshare today and start saving!

The University of Edinburgh's Liftshare Scheme

The University of Edinburgh's Liftshare scheme

The University of Edinburgh operates a private Liftshare scheme so that staff and students can search for potential matches within the University community to share their car trip.

What are the benefits of joining the scheme?

  • It saves you money - sharing your journey with one other person will half your costs
  • It reduces your carbon footprint - cars have a substantially higher carbon footprint compared to walking, cycling and public transport. If alternatives to car travel are not available to you then opting to share your journey with one other person will half your carbon footprint
  • You can look forward to a more relaxed journey - Liftsharing means that if you choose to, you can share the responsibility for driving, or if you don't have access to a car you can look forward to always being the passenger!
  • Liftsharing helps to reduce traffic congestion, pollution and parking problems in and around the city.

How do I sign up?

You can register for the University's Liftshare scheme on the website. You can then create a profile, add your journeys, and find matches. Only your first name is displayed to other users, and no further personal information is shared without your consent.

Registering your journey

Once you have registered with Liftshare you then need to add the journey you want to share. For journeys to the University, you will need to enter the postcode of the destination you wish to travel to. Postcode information for University Buildings are available from the University Campus Maps.