Showers at Easter Bush

The University provides shower facilities at Easter Bush.

Building Room / floor Location
Block F G.Z10, G.Z14 (accessible) In toilet cubicle, near to changing area
Campus Service Centre G.Z07 (accessible), G.Z05 (male), G.Z08 (female) In toilet cubicle. Staff only
Farm Animal Hospital G.72 (male), G.73 (female) Access via changing room
Hospital for Small Animals G.52 (male), G.54 (female) In locker and changing area
Roslin Institute Ground floor x 2, 1st floor x 2, 2nd floor x 2 1 accessible shower on each of the floors. All showers are located in toilet cubicle area halfway along main corridor
Vet School Ground floor x 5 1 accessible, 1 female and 1 male shower in changing/locker room. 2 accessible showers are in staff only areas
Works Division Portakabin Staff only In toilet block