Bike toolkits

Bike toolkits are available free of charge to staff and students cyclists.

The University makes shared bike toolkits available to staff and students to fix any unexpected bike problems you may have while cycling to work or study. These are a shared resource and must be returned to the storage location when you are finished using them. Staff and students can use the toolkit for free on production of a staff ID or student matriculation card. 

Please do not remove any item from the toolkit, with the exception of consumables (e.g. inner tubes, puncture repair kits, gloves).

Some bike stores also have maintenance stands and/or pumps permanently installed inside them. These provide basic tools, but do not have any replacement consumables (e.g., inner tubes, puncture repair kits).

Contents of the toolkit

  • puncture repair kit
  • bicycle tyre pump
  • inner tubes (various sizes)
  • tyre levers
  • spoke key
  • chain rivet tool
  • allen keys
  • adjustable spanner
  • latex gloves

Location of the toolkits

Central Area

Location What's there?
Central Area
Transport and Parking Office, 9-11 Infirmary Street Full toolkit
Potterow Student Centre Reception, Bristo Square Full toolkit
Main Library Reception, George Square Full toolkit
50 George Square Bike Store Pump only
40 George Square Bike Store Maintenance stand and pump
Bristo Bike Store Maintenance stand and pump
Edinburgh Climate Change Institute Bike Store Pump only
Pleasance Sport Complex & Gym - bike parking by front entrance Pump only
King's Buildings
Nucleus Building reception Full toolkit
Alexander Graham Bell Building Bike Store Pump only
Joseph Black Building Bike Store Pump only
Hudson Beare Building Bike Store Pump only
James Clerk Maxwell Building Bike Store 3 Maintenance stand and pump
Nucleus Bike Store Maintenance stand and pump
QMRI Reception Full toolkit
Chancellor's Building Full toolkit
Institute of Regeneration and Repair North Full toolkit
QMRI Bike Store Pump only
Chancellor's Building bike parking area Maintenance stand and pump
Easter Bush
Campus Service Centre Full toolkit
Roslin Institute Bike Store Maintenance stand and pump
Vet School Bike Store Pump only
Other locations
Pollock Halls Reception Centre Full toolkit
Edinburgh College of Art Main Building Reception Full toolkit
Institute of Genetics and Cancer Bike Store, Western General Hospital Pump only