Staff Cycling Community

The Staff Cycling Community (SCC) is a volunteer-led initiative to connect staff cyclists across the University.

The Staff Cycling Community's goal is to share knowledge and support each other in a fun and relaxed environment. Everyone is welcome, whether you cycle for work or leisure, from complete beginners to seasoned cyclists.

The SCC hosts an online space via Microsoft Teams to allow members to keep in touch outside of meet-ups. It provides a forum for members to ask questions, seek advice, and share useful cycling information and upcoming events.

Request to join the group

You will need a University email address to join, and once you have joined you can access teams through Office 365 or a desktop app. If you do not have a University email address, or are having problems signing up, please contact

The Community also organises meet ups at different campuses, leisure rides, and led rides allowing new cyclists to test their commuting route - these have been paused during the Coronavirus pandemic, but will hopefully resume soon.