Showers at the King's Buildings

The University provides shower facilities at the King's Buildings.

Building Room / floor Location
Arcadia Nursery 1.Z07 (staff only) Near to staff room
Alexander Graham Bell Building G.Z13, G.Z14, G.Z15 Access is via secure cycle store. For building users only with valid University card & PIN
Alrick Building 04.Z08-E (male) Near to lift. In male toilet cubicle
Ashworth 2 (Extension) G, 4.Z1 Shower on ground level is in accessible toilet cubicle in Edinburgh Genomics. Card access required to this area. Shower on 4th floor is close to lift and is in accessible toilet cubicle
Ashworth 3 (Extension New Wing) B.Z42 (female), B.Z43 (male) In changing room
Crew Building B.Z11 (male), B.Z14 (female) Near to central stairwell and side entrance. In toilet cubicles
Crew Building Annexe / Teaching Lab G.Z4 At eastern end of corridor, next to female toilet cubicles
Daniel Rutherforth Building G.Z4 (female), 1.Z6 (male), In toilet cubicles
Erskine Williamson Building 3.Z84 (staff only) Shower is for staff with building access only. Key for shower room must be requested
Grant Institute 2.Z06 (male), 3.Z06 (female) In toilet cubicles. Male shower is on corridor to main lecture theatre. Female shower is at top of central stairs
James Clerk Maxwell Building 2.Z091 (female staff only), 2.Z092 (male), 2.Z077 (male), 2.Z076 (female), 4.Z27 (female), 4.Z36 (male) All showers in toilet cubicles. 2.Z091 & 2.Z092 are near to KB Copy Centre. 2.Z077 & 2.Z076 are near to main entrance (west) on ground level. 4th floor showers are located near to central stairwell and lifts
James Clerk Maxwell Building ERCC (east entrance) 1st floor (female staff only), 2nd floor (male staff only) In toilet cubicles
John Muir Building G.Z7 (male staff only) In toilet cubicle
Joseph Black Building Basement, G.Z66, G.Z47, 1.Z40 (female), 1.Z53 (male) Shower on basement level is near to entrance on east side of building. G.Z66 is in toilet cubicle area near to main entrance. G.Z47 is near to the walkway to extension. 1st floor showers are in toilet cubicles
King's Buildings Centre Ground floor 3 showers in changing and locker room. Next to north entrance to building
King's Buildings House G.Z09, G.Z10 (female), G.Z11 (male) G.Z09 is an accessible shower in an accessible toilet cubicle. G.Z10 and G.Z11 are in changing rooms near to reception
King's Buildings Trades Main Unit G.Z02 (staff only) At end of corridor from main entrance
Noreen and Kenneth Murray Library 2.5 (staff only) In staff toilet cubicle. Combination lock on door
Peter Wilson Building Ground floor, 1st floor Ground floor showers are in changing room. 1st floor showers are next to lecture theatres C and D
Roger Land Building G.Z24, 1.Z22  
Sanderson Building 1.137 Near to central stairwell
Michael Swann Building 1.Z10 (staff only), 4.Z11 (male), 5.Z11 (female) 1st floor shower is accessed from ground level near main foyer. 4th and 5th floor showers are in toilet cubicle and are near to central stairwell and lifts
Waddington Building 1.25, 2.13 Accessible shower in accessible toilet at south end of corridor
Weir Building G.Z15 (staff only) On main corridor
William Rankine Building G.Z31 (female), G.Z33 (male) Access is via toilet cubicle from corridor